How to Use Cat Crystal Litter?

A material with silica gel that absorbs urine of your cats and prevents from producing any odors, that’s what we call a crystal litter.

It is famous for its odor preventing, and urine absorbing feature throughout the world. Also highly recommended for those who love cats and want to provide them some right spots of relaxing and at the same time keeping your home clean and odor free.

Use Cat Crystal Litter

Now coming to the point we are about to discuss that how would we use it and how much the amount should be and many other basic things now we will be discussing.

1. Total amount to use

You need to pour off about a ½ – 2 inches litter in depth to the cat litter box this will lead to prevent from forming any kinds of odors at your house and also will absorb the urine of the cats.

If your cat is in habit of digging that it is recommended to add of about 2 inches more the purpose behind that is preventing the urine from reaching to the bottom of the box and for proper absorbing.

2. Removal of waste

If the solid waste has been left a day without removing it, it may cause creating some bad odors at the place where the box has been kept. In order to avoid these bad fragrances, it has been recommended to remove the solid waste regularly to prevent your house from being smelly.

3. Shaking of litter

The silica gel it contains the function to absorb the urine and prevent from producing odors but if the crystals are thoroughly wet, then its capacity of absorbing will finish therefore it is recommended to shake the litter to increase its capacity of absorbing the urine.

4. Changing of crystals

As everything that is made has a capacity of performing its functionality up to an extent same is the case with the litter crystals it also has some limited capacity of preventing odors and absorbing urine.

You will see the litter that is poured into the cat litter box changing its color due to the absorbing of the urine. The color changing of the litter is a sign that it has been reached to its limits and it’s time to change it.

The crystal litter usually lasts for about a week or a month it depends on how much cats are using the litter box if fewer cats are using than it will last for more time interval but if more cats are using than it will work for less time.


  • Easy procedure to use.
  • Prevents form from producing bad odors.
  • Provides good spots for your cats to release its urine and wastes.
  • Keep your home clean.


  • None.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up

It has been concluded from the above article that the cat litter is perfect for your cat’s litter box and is very efficient and necessary for every cat lover it will help to keep his/her home clean and odor free and will also provide some good spot to release urine and waste. If you love your cats and has a problem of house cleaning maintenance than what are you waiting for just order it and enjoy.

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