SmartyKat Catnip Cat Toys

SmartyKat Catnip Cat Toys Review

Have you tried all cat toys and they all seem not working? This is the undisputed toy that you can use even for the dullest breed, you know why? Because it’s perfectly thought out. To know more about this, board the train with the SmartKat Catnip Cat Toys review for an exclusive voyage of knowledge-hunt.

Imagine mice in an open space inside your house, how would your cats feel? I guess they would shout ‘emergency!! Error!!!’ right? Of course, this is a toy in a mouse-like shape that can keep your cats busy. This cat toy is stitched and filled with fiber on the inside; then the external part is rubbed with catnip.

Of course, the smell sited on the fabric signals your pets that their long-term foes are cruising around the hood. And guess what? They are already on the hunt to finding it already.

Once they’ve got it, then you just watch from a far distance with your legs crossed with a grin on your face and carefully watch them as they murder the toy so passionately.

What captivates the interest of cats toward these toys is the application of catnips on the whole body of the toys. Apart from the fact that this is just the perfect toy for versatile cats such as Siamese and nonchalant ones such as Maine coons, they come in three per one package.

And the whole package is cheap – I mean extraordinarily cheap. Unlike other products, cats don’t easily get ripped of neither the fabric nor the tail of this toy. It’s well sewn and materials used are durable also. It is just the kind of cat toy you wouldn’t want to let go, trust me.

However, let’s consider the five amazing features that we’ve divided this subject into:

SmartyKat Catnip Cat Toys Review | 5 Major Features

1. Handcrafted Mice

This cat toy is crafted with plastic and durable fabric for the long-term use of the product. Of course, this feature would cause it to be reused for several times no matter the effort your kitten apply in smacking it down. There are three mice in the package of this product.

They all have the same size. Each of them is 4 inches long, and each of the mice is 1.5 inches large. But the dimension of this product is 0.5 x 5 x 4 inches, and it weighs 0.64 ounces.

In other words, they are lightweight, and they can easily be swatted by the kitten. The tail, on the other hand, is made of plastic which can be affixed to a cat wand.

2. Fiberfill

The product is made of fabric that is filled with non-toxic fiber. The polyester fiber that this cat toy is filled with is safe for cat toys, though safety measures must be adhered to.

Of course, during the time of use of this toy you might find your pet gnashing its teeth at it and pouncing on it with its paws.

However, it will be difficult for a cat like Maine Coon and blue-eyed white cat to tear it within a short period. At least, it might take up to five days before they can successfully tear it because of the tough fabric.

Although it’s not infectious to them if they insert it into their mouth, yet it’s advisable to eradicate the toy if it’s found torn.

3. Catnip

The catnip comes with the package. All you just need is the application of a minute quantity to a mouse; then it’s enough to attract your pet. The catnip helps to mellow the furry of your cat.

It’s without dangerous chemical that can threaten the safety of your cat. However, it doesn’t mean that you should apply the catnip each time you’re about to distract your pet. Use it whenever the cat seems not to be interested and knowing vividly that they’re alright.

4. Luggable

These cat toys are safe to use. They are lightweight and easy to lug around with their teeth. Unlike other large products that are big for them to swat and smack profusely to the ground.

In other words, you’d hardly find them bored with it as they do to other toys. And guess what? Siamese cats – one of the most active cats – will dispose the pieces for you quicker than you ever expected, and come back for the next mouse in line.

5. Fascinating Designs

This review is primarily for skitter critter. However, you can find many others with large sizes and higher prices, but this is cheap.

The manufacturer ensured that the color of the fabric used in the construction of the mice is different. And more than a color is used for each of the mice, to make it super attractive.

The mice are discreetly sewn that the traces are within. So that it would be difficult for your pet to sharply dismantle them, it’s so much amazing.

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Why Should You Use SmartyKat Catnip Cat Toys?

1. Low Price

This costs less than $3 only. Isn’t that awesome? Of course! It’s so cheap that you can give it a try by purchasing it and find out whether this would deliver. It would.

2. Undeniable

This is a product that your cat won’t deny, especially if the catnip is added. It magically attracts them to it, and they’ll begin to pounce on it and have fun with it.

3. Nice Customers’ Review

This is the toy with thousands of reviews, and the majority of the reviews are positive. Many even claimed that their cat has been resting other toys but not this. And they even encouraged several others to check out this one with just a few dollars.

4. 3-in-1 Package

Although this is a product that is for a cat, yet it can still be used by many other pets also; it’s just that it might quickly be used up. Also, the package has magnificent looks to add to its credits.

5. 100% Recycled Plastic

The polyester plastic that’s used as the fiber is safe for your cat, but not at the risk of neglecting the safety measures. In other words, always check if the toys haven’t been torn. If they have eventually torn it, then you can retract it from them.

Product Benefits

  • Highly affordable.
  • The product consists of three mice.
  • The mice are lightweight and easy to lug around.
  • Each mouse has different colors from the other.
  • This skitter critter is well packaged.
  • The product is highly dependable.
  • The interior is filled with non-toxic fibers.

The Negative Things

  • Although the fabric is tough for paws, yet it can still be torn.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this product made in the US?

Answer: No, it’s made in China.

  1. How many cats can play with this?

Answer: As many as you desire.

  1. Does anyone know the major problem buyers face with this product?

Answer: The most common one is that if it’s left careless around the house, it might be gone for life.

  1. Can it be shipped to the US?

Answer: Of course, and the delivery is pretty fast.

  1. What category does this product fall into among the others that are sold by SmartyKat catnip toys?

Answer:  Skitter critter.

  1. Can I get other cheaper ones?

Answer: For now, this is the cheapest.

Final Verdict

The SmartyKat catnip cat toys review is highly comprehensive and easy to comprehend. The review buttressed the importance of using this toy by enumerating the cons and the pros of the product.

It provided a product that can be purchased with a few dollars. Of course, it didn’t stop there but proceeded further and enumerated the safety measures that users must look out for. Finally, this is a product that you can trust with your money. It’s highly reliable.

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