Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy Review

Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy Review

Are you tired of the disheartening behaviors that your pet is exhibiting in recent times? If yes, then we’ve got you the problem-solver. All you need is to procure this magnificent product.

Of course, the Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy Review presents you with a cat toy that is irresistible and sturdy. Your pets can now enjoy maximum playtime with the use of this cat toy. They can take some workouts without pulling or roaming around the compound unnecessarily.

In other words, that implies that they can now have fun beyond limits as there is no skidding and easy removal of balls from the tracks. The major thing it would do for you is to help in the development of your cat’s hunting skills.

Cats don’t get injured using this product as the construction is breathtaking. The whole part of the toy is blazed with orange color why the outmost tip of each of the tracks is circularly traced with a thin blue line. Cats can also pounce their paws on the balls and indirectly stub the durable curled handle. And guess what? There would not be any damage to the surface at all.

Furthermore, this is a cat toy that can comfortably be used by many cats and there won’t be an eruption of conflicts. Pouncing the balls at different levels won’t cause the toppling of the toy.

It’s just too sturdy to be tumbled. This is the toy that can safely be used by various kind of cats of different sizes. And the balls, on the other hand, don’t get out of track no matter the propensity of the pounce. Amazing!!!

Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy Review | 5 Major Features

1. Stacked Tracks

This cat toy is one of its kind as it possesses three stacked tracks with balls of different colors in each of the tracks. And the shots are weighty enough to secure the curiousness of your pet.

However, the balls are friendly to the paws of your cat. Apart from this, another major importance that buyers consider is that this grows with their cats. In other words, cats can start playing from the lowest track, which is the closest for kittens, to the highest track without breaking it, so this indirectly saves their money.

The fun about this is that their (cats) thought would consistently be that one among the three balls is removable – but that’s not true. And this would aggravate their eagerness each time they sight the toy to intensify their efforts.

2. Magnificent Structure

This is a product that doesn’t occupy much space as most products do. It has a dimension of 5.5 x 1 x 6.5 inches, and it only weighs 1 ounce. The whole body is made of yellow and the higher the level of the toy the small the size of the track.

It’s just like a cone in shape, and users can lug it from one place to another by gripping the curled part of any of the attached stacked tracks. Also, there is a demarcated round space at the peak of the cat toy and the base, on the other hand, is so sturdy that it doesn’t get out of place quickly. Please note that this toy is made of plastic.

3. Usability

If you need a pet toy that is very easy to use, then this might likely be what you craved for. It’s BPA free, and its balls at each level of the tower can be distinguished from one another as they all are made of different colors.

So, to use the balls, the balls at each level mustn’t be parallel to each other but get them separated. After you had done that, position the toy in a close-to-sight environment. The front of its house is more advisable. Then, you can then go to rest about the concurrent worries your pet causes you.

4. Safety

This is a cat toy you can leave with your pet indoors, and both would be safe. Just as we said at the start that the manufacturer discreetly constructed this that it won’t topple no matter what.

The manufacturer has also upgraded the safety of the toy by demarcating the hole at the top. This is to ensure that pets don’t tuck their heard in it just because they are too interested.

However, the manufacturer advises that whenever this durable cat toy is found broken, then it should be eradicated from the vicinity. Please, also note that this is for pets use only and not a toy for children.

5. Creatively Designed

This is a cat toy that pets and their lords both benefits from mutually. Pets can use this to develop their hunting skills. Why the lords, on the other hand, can take advantage of this to distract them from causing damages to valuable properties.

Pets utilize this as the best medium to lure themselves to sleep why lords also, use this to excuse themselves from being disturbed now.

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Why Should You Use Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy?

1. Affordability

This cat toy costs less than $10 in spite of its quality. Of course, it’s brought low to encourage homes to at least get one. And delivery? It’s as fast as a breeze.

2. Irresistible Design

With the single color that this product is made of, yet over 2,900 users around the globe still recommend it. Apart from that, the tower-like design and the levels in which the tracks can be found makes it unique.

3. Longevity

Although this product is made of thick plastic, yet it’s still highly recommended, why? Because plastic is the safest material used for a pet toy and where people are found. So that there would be minimal accident occurrences.

4. Luggable

Couple with the fact that this is lightweight, yet it’s luggable. It can be moved from one place to another with ease, and it’s sturdy when positioned on the ground.

5. Maximum Benefits

It saves you expenses on replacing your couch and other property that might’ve been damaged by your pet. It also keeps them busy. As times goes on, this would become a perpetual task to settle. In other words, cats don’t quickly get rid of this toy unless it’s broken into pieces and the balls finally roll on the floor.

Product Benefits

  • This helps to build the mental power of your pet.
  • It’s highly affordable and reliable.
  • The toy is lightweight and durable
  • The toy is constructed in a tower-like look with three tracks attached to its sides in levels.
  • This product uses three balls, and each of the shots is on each of the tracks.
  • This toy is sturdy.

The Negative Things

  • None

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Please, provide me with the height?

Answer: Height: 5.5 inches.

  1. Can I get a replacement for the ball?

Answer: You can get in touch with the manufacturer on this.

  1. Please help me, till what time can a cat that’s two years old use this?

Answer: This depends on the breed of the cat. If it’s very lively, then you can be sure of quick replacement (3 months at least). But if it’s the other way round, then it might last longer.

  1. Which country produced this cat toy?

Answer: China.

  1. Does this come with a warranty?

Answer: Please, kindly contact the manufacturer to find out more information about this.

  1. Can two cats use this?

Answer: absolutely, yes!

Final Verdict

The Petstages tower of tracks cat toy review impugns those that don’t want to struggle to assemble any toy to purchase this product. It’s straightforward to use, and its price is highly affordable.

Of course, if you’ve got more than one pet in your home, this can perfectly fit your budget. It’s durable and attractive to keep your pet busy all through the day ‘exercising.’

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