Go Cat Teaser Cat Catcher Wand Cat Toy Review

Go Cat Teaser Cat Catcher Wand Cat Toy Review

Many pet parents get on like a house on fire with cats by playing. Play helps cement the bond of companionship. Go Cat Teaser Cat Catcher Wand Cat Toy Review makes inroads into the feline world with a device that instinctively attracts your pal to a moving object.

Playing with the little mouse ensconced in the flexible braided wire makes cats run out of steam. It reduces nursing demands for pet parents rushing off their feet juggling busy schedules.

The Cat Catcher integrates a handcrafted mouse invoking the tactual knack of stroking the object by felines. It boasts qualities to induce, keep the cat’s attention and a repertoire of safety components. Simulated mice toys help fire up innate hunting instincts.

Go Cat Teaser Cat Catcher Wand Cat Toy Review – 5 Main Features

1. Instinctive Stimuli Wand

Go Cat Teaser and Catcher boasts a 12” flexible glitter wand that catches the eye of your cat while the braided safety wire produces the opposite effect. The cable will pale into insignificance as your furry friend pursues and pounces on the attractant.

Its resilient mouse wand resembles prey and stimulates your cat’s instinct to stalk and move in for the kill. Pet felines have a fetish for moving objects as they tend to mesmerize instinct.

It stems from cats’ instinctual thirst to stay hard on the heels of prey. Dazzling, vibrant glitter strengthens the bonding between cats and their parents through interactive play.

2. Superior Safety

The wand has a soft tip and braided wire to prevent physical injury. Go Cat Teaser and Catcher lacks any loose bits, cables, and clamps to prevent swallowing. Go Cat Teaser and Catcher has a safety swivel clip, extremely hard to rip apart or chew.

It also broadens out movement for your cat while it makes it straightforward to put in or replace Go-Cat toys.

The exceptional braided safety wire peters out from their field of vision as they go knee-deep ensnaring their mousy prey. Its line made from flexible braided safety wire makes it as tough as nails and long-lasting.

3. All-Natural Mouse

Go Cat Teaser & Catcher breaks from the tradition of mechanical systems with the spitting image of a mouse. Most of the mice available in the market integrate wheels and rollers that maintain frictional contact with a surface.

Mechanical mice fall prey to weak frictional contact against a surface. When the mouse runs into a slippery surface, the impactful signal lacks precision.

Furthermore, these devices incorporate numerous close tolerance parts and increase production costs. It’s designed to induce hours of enjoyment for your tiger. Go Cat Teaser avoids noise like lash or vibration and frequent cleaning. Let your furry companion have a hunt around for prey all day.

4. Premium-Grade Build

The handcrafted Go Cat Catcher mimics a prey suspended on a branch offering interactive feline playtime. Go Cat will keep your pet on his or her toes at a stretch. It’s made from ultra-resilient materials designed to endure abuses such as repeated pouncing or swiping from all feline breeds.

It resembles a fishing rod with a long-stemmed rod for you to grasp while teasing out your kitty with a tiger tail. The line boasts perdurable and ultra-flexible wire resistant to snapping or damage like fabric strings.

Go Cat Teaser’s 12” wand comes richly embroidered with glitters for additional attention-grabbing. Colors may vary to match every feline’s taste.

5. Sweating it Out

Felines have an inborn natural playfulness that’s extremely irresistible to induce. Go Cat Teaser & Catcher Wand Toy will establish a routine for amusing, entertaining and body conditioning. Playtime plays an instrumental role in boosting the physical and mental health of your cat.

As carnivores, cats have predatory DNA in their genetic code. The Human Society of the United States recommends pet play as an energy outlet for cats with overkill predatory instincts.

The cat catcher teaser wand toy comes with a little mouse to get the laziest felines off their butts. Sedentary lifestyles eat away the nine lives of your cat leading to premature death due to cardiovascular illness and other defects.

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Why should you use Go Cat Teaser Cat Catcher Wand Cat Toy?

1. Wand & Braided Safety Wire

A 12” flexible glitter wand will grab and maintain your cat’s attention without causing physical injury. Your cat will be rushing off his or her feet to make a killing. Once the wire fades from sight, chasing and pouncing will wear out your cat.

2. Soft Tip & Swivel

The wand includes an ultra-soft tip that prevents injury. Loose pieces increase the likelihood of swallowing and resulting in intestinal defects. The swivel clip generates more movement for your cat while making it a cushy job to add or subtract new Go-Cat toys.

3. Simulated Mouse

The Cat Catcher comes with a mouse cast in the same mold with a real animal. It mimics the erratic movements of hidden prey to throw at your feline a whole new ball game. A flexible wire puts your pet’s agility and skill to test by pushing him or her to the limits. The mouse measures 2” in length with a tail that clocks in at 3” to invoke predatory instincts.

4. Premium-Build Quality

The Cat Teaser & Catcher toy incorporates a flexible braided wire and then attached to a 12” glitter wand with a comfortable grip. The swivel clip carves out more movement for your pet while it makes it straightforward to add or subtract new Go-Cat toys. Vibrant 12” flexible glitter wand accentuates attention-grabbing qualities.

5. Foolproof Exercising Method

The Cat Teaser & Chaser offers an ideal mechanism to fire up your pet’s innate predatory instincts. It uses an all-natural mice simulation to egg on cats to pounce or bat the prey off its track. It will stimulate your cat’s curiosity and transform their inborn predatory instincts. The catcher teaser toy maintains your pet in rude health.

Product Benefits

  • Durable, tear-resistant and resilient construction
  • The line consists of flexible braided safety wire for long-lasting use
  • Handcrafted mouse made from pet-friendly materials
  • 12” wand embroidered with glitters to draw your cat’s attention
  • The wand includes soft tip and swivel clip for added safety
  • Recommended by veterinarians due to feline-amusing and owner-pleasing abilities
  • Minimal mechanical construction cuts maintenance costs

The Negative Things

  • Requires supervision from a pet owner making it unsuitable for busy parents

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does the fishing-pole design perform?

It provides an ideal lure liked by all felines.

  1. Is it a lightweight version of a cat toy?

It tips the scales at 0.6 oz.

  1. Can you quickly change or add lures?

Yes, you can remove or attach bait.

  1. How long will the wand last? Can you replace it?

It’s ultra-durable to last for decades. Use hot glue to fix the internal wire.

  1. Will my cat get injured from swallowing the mouse?

No, it’s made from natural materials.

Final Verdict

Go Cat Teaser Cat Catcher Wand Cat Toy Review unveils a new idol of the feline world with an interactive plaything. The dangling piece patterned on the anatomy of a rat with a lean body and long tail will help get your pet’s steam up for hours.

Made of ultra-resilient materials, the Teaser can endure repeated pouncing, swiping and pummeling from any breed. Tease out your pet with the “tiger tail” and make them go at it like a boy killing snakes.

Keep a weather eye on your furry friend as he swings into action for safety. The Teaser offers a plaything fit to the kill to invoke natural dispositions and predatory instincts.

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