How Do I Keep My Cat Entertained

How Do You Get a Lazy Cat to Play & Entertained?

How Do You Get a Lazy Cat to Play?

1. Buy the Best Toy

Procure the toy(s) that fits your budget, also beautified with an array of colors. (This is because cats also appreciate colors.) However, cats have different tastes for different type of toys. So, it’s paramount to find out what kind of toy your cat would tend to like.

2. Spend Quality Time with It

Cats appreciate it when you create time for them. You can do this by taking them out for a roadside walk and jogging. You can even clean them up by cutting their paws. This makes you both more familiar. The best way to make it feel relaxed is by feeding it yourself.

3. Keep the Whole Vicinity Neat

Ensure that the toys and the environment is clean. You can sanitize the area where it sleeps and the other part of the house free of spots. By doing things, your pet won’t have any reason for going outside in search of conveniences.

4. Feeding

Ensure that your cat is well fed. Make sure that the food it eats is balanced. Feeding it will keep it from tiredness, and it would be willing to do something with the energy gained. So, if you’ve introduced the toys to it before now, then that’s the best time it will begin to play with it all alone.

5. Avoid Over-feeding It

Overfeeding your cat can pose a danger to its health. It can cause obese and liver disease. Feeding them without control also make them inactive. So, for your cat to be free to have fun it has to maintain a balanced diet.

6. Use Treats as Reward

Whenever you’re playing with it, use treats to appreciate its efforts and contributions. This has been the conventional strategy that trainers use in telling pets the right attitude in doing things.

7. Endeavor to have more Than One Cat

Having one cat around shows that there might be boredom. So, it’s advisable to have more than one cat. You can also choose to have a tree house placed at your window so that all would be able to catch the excitement and the glitz around them too.

8. Make a Scratching Post Available

Cats always want to stretch. And while they are pulling, they love the inner claw to pop out. This would help them to successfully secrete their presence in that territory. So, if your cat can get an excellent scratch post or pad, then it’s ready to play.

8 Striking Points – How Do I Keep My Cat Entertained?

How Do I Keep My Cat Entertained

1. Get Ball Bell Toys

One of the best ways to get your cat intrigued is by using ball bell toys and those sounding toys that use batteries. It’d get startled whenever the toy jingles or it notices something strange. And before you know what’s happening, it’s ready to find out what is in it voicing out.

2. Blind-open Windows

If you reside in a small apartment, then it would be advised that you use the tree house in your home. Place it at the window and let the cat perch on it so that it can be entertained by what goes around in the environment.

3. Use Webcam

You can use this for times you’ll not be at home. Procure the product that has “voice-out” technology. Then position it in an area far above its reach, this would aid to tame its action even in your absence.

4. Understanding Terminal Power

Disperse the food of the cat in a minute quantity at the different juncture of the house. This would help it to move from one part of the house to hunt for food. And make sure that at least one toy is close to a food location. This would prevent it from overfeeding and avoid it from continual sitting in a position.

5. Accessibility to Cat TV

Make sure that your television is sited at the location far above your cat’s reach if you’re opting for this, you know why? Cats can’t decipher which image is real and that which is virtual. Once they see the graphic displays, and so on, they tend to revolve and make some self-satisfied movement. This would surely excite them.

6. Illumination

Make sure that the area is illuminated with bright light. This would help them to keep hunting for an extended period.

7. Room for friends

You can always position your pet in a location where it can easily find its colleagues that it can mingle with them. It doesn’t necessarily matter if your room is vast enough to accommodate cats, but there should be space for your cat to mingle with others.

8. Tranquil Vicinity

Cats like Selkirk Rex don’t like noise at all. So, the best way to entertain this is to make the whole environment serene. Moreover, you can use toys for them and the listed methods above but not music. However, you can opt for these products and select the best product that’ll be best for your cat to use.

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