Cat Hate Me

Why My Cat Does Hate Me?

The Most common question asked by most of the beginner pet owners is that of why do their cats don’t love them. There are some of the reasons behind the bad attitude of the cats that they are displaying towards you.

It has been proved through researches that cats love natured creatures they also take the initiative to interact with their pet parents.

Cat Hate Me

But if still, they don’t giving you the attention that you expect from them so there may be a lack of knowledge that you have regarding cats.

The reasons that we will be discussing in this article will help you understand the nature of the cats and mistakes that you are making regarding the treatment of your cats. Let’s get started.

1- They Get Stressed When You Pet Them

Cat Hate Me

It has been seen that cats love their privacy and independent life; therefore when you pet them for the first time, they get stressed and doesn’t give the attention to what you have owned them.

But as all breeds are not the same some of the breeds love to be petted by a loving family.

In the case of the first ones, you should give them some space and privacy for some time to make them feel comfortable with you and your family members.

When they get comfortable and feel secure, they automatically will start interacting you.

2- Not Responding When You Call Them

Cat Not responding

The sign of their hate for you is that of avoiding your calls. They will not respond to you when you call them this could be due to their stressed situation, or it could be because of getting petted for the first time by a human.

In this situation, you should continuously interact with them to make a trust bond and make them feel loved.

You should also treat them well even if they don’t as they are animals by your continuous interaction and display of love they will start trusting and will also respond to your calls once they get used to it.

3- Run Away When You Get Closer

Run away when you get closer

They run away from you when you try to get near to them the reason behind that could be the fear to get harmed.

These reserved nature cats that love to live independently may get frightened from getting hurt by you when you pet them. So try to interact more with them and make them feel a sense of security from you.

Fed them with good meals try to have some favorite cat foods along with you when interacting with them in the initial stages.

This could lead you to build trust and make them feel right about you as cats love to eat so they definitely will start interacting with you.


In the article we have discussed some of the reason behind the hatred of the cats for you and also mentioned some practical solutions for that read the article carefully it definitely will sort out your problems.

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