How Long Can A Cat Go Without Eating?

From the scientific researches, it has been concluded that an average cat can survive for about three days without water and about a week without eating.

But it is not a good idea to experiment on the cute living creature that how long they could survive without taking any meal.

Keeping in mind this question many research has been done but along with normal cats also some unhealthy cats were been tested just to understand the nature of the cats when they start avoiding the intake of meal that they do on regular basis.

Can A Cat Go Without Eating

Some behavioral changes of the cats have been mentioned below.

1. Change in behavior

As like every living being cat as well have feelings and emotions you could have noticed that in case of adopting a new pet the pet parents may giving more of their attention to the new one, this could cause some severe issues of meal intake of the old ones and can be a reason behind their health problems.

The other reason is that of the illness that the cat is a victim of but due to the hiding nature of the cat. You may not be understanding the reason behind the change in regular intake of a meal, but this change is harmful to your pet especially for the over-weighted cats because they require more calories than the thin ones.

Change In Behaviour

If such behavior is observed that it is recommended to focus on your cats routine, he/she may be a victim of some serious illness.

Feed them forcedly if they reject to take a meal to keep this process for about two days if still, you see no change in the behavior than take them to the pet doctor.

2. Healthy to unhealthy conversion

A difference in eating was observed in the response of a healthy cat for about two weeks, and this change turned her from a very healthy weight to a week one.

Healthy to unhealthy conversion

What happens when the cat doesn’t take the calories required for the maintenance of health? Their body starts consuming their fats and organs that could result in the disguise of the death, in the end, it is therefore recommended that take them to the doctor if you notice any change in their eating habits because such changes might fall them into severe life risks.

3. Recommendations

First, it is recommended to give them some liquid stuff to drink that contains some essential calories and nutrient if they reject to intake proper meal this could save their life and maintain their health up to an extent.


Second, it is highly recommended for the pet parent to take them to the doctors as soon as possible because you shouldn’t be making a risk on innocent lives of your beloved pets.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up 

The article concludes that the deadline of living of cats is about one week without taking any meal and three days for non-drinking of water also some compelling alternatives of feeding and recommendations have been listed for maintaining the health of your pets up to an extent.

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