Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy Review

Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy Review

Do you know that the self-pronounced boss you can possess in your house is a kitten? They are eager to disturb, and not paying attention to them can invite their anger. Is this how most of them do? Of course, no! Pets (cats) may be needing your attention for either one or two reasons, depending on their state at that point in time.

A good example is the Persian kittens, you’ll often find them running toward you and sitting on your laps. This is because their hair is long and they need it to be brushed and be taken care of. If not, their hairs might get “mat”, and this can make them feel horrible.

However, you might want to shun them; of course, this can only be possible by providing them with a cat toy(s). The best way to procure one is made easy with the aid of the Bergan Turbo scratcher cat toy review.

What is the size of your kitten, big or small? No matter the size of your kitten here is a cat toy that doesn’t care. It accommodates all size effortlessly with its superb scratchpad that doesn’t get off by the magnificent size of your kitten’s paws.

On the other hand, the ball rotates around the hollow at the outmost part. Of course, this would intrigue your kitten. So that instead of being quiet and furry its sole preoccupation would then become to get the ball out of the track.

Definitely, this can thwart the mood of your pet without apology. In fact, it has worked for quite a lot of buyers, yours won’t be an exemption.

Furthermore, let’s consider the 5 amazing features that we’ve set up so that this subject will be well understood.

Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy Review | 5 Major Features

Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy Review

1. 3-in-1 Design

This comes with an exquisite compartment that consists of the corrugated scratch pad, a ball, and the full container. Of course, you can’t find hassles setting it up. This specific cat toy is attractive and it’s petite. It has a weight of 1.56 pounds.

Which means that it’s highly easy to lug around. This is a round shape exquisitely designed toy with a diameter of 16mm. Right at the center, you’ll find the corrugated scratchpad/cardboard and next to it is the hollow (the track) where the ball is found.

Also, the ball is quite weighty but friendly to paws. In other words, pouncing the ball around the track won’t hurt its paws. However, the ball doesn’t rotate if it’s not pounced by paw(s). The main body itself is nicely designed for long-term use, isn’t that awesome? Of course, it is.

2. Catnip

Have you wondered how on earth it can be possible for pets to like it (this toy)? Of course, it’s with the help of the catnip. This is a treated deodorant that incurs the curiousness of pets. Of course, little application of the catnip is enough to turn on your pets including dogs.

Furthermore, some users(newbies) think that what causes the difference that some pets are complying with the feel-good smell and some not responding is because the catnip that comes with the purchased product is not effective. Perhaps, they may be correct, but mostly it’s caused by the lack of association of the cat or the cat has low sensitivity in perceiving.

In other words, if your cat hasn’t been associating with friends from a tender age, there is a high tendency that it would be acting unconcerned and timid always.

However, with this product which is currently the number one best-selling product on Amazon, you can vividly be assured of its enjoyable use if the toy is discreetly set up for the pet. Please note that the scratchpad is also known as the corrugated cardboard. In a nutshell, wait for your cat to get used to it if it’s avoiding it.

3. Method of Operation

Having got the cat toy, ensure that it is well set up just as it is described aforetime. Then, get the catnip and get a minute quantity of catnip applied to the corrugated cardboard. Then, invite the attention of your pet towards the toy when it has been positioned on the floor.

Then the “boss” would majestically answer, not knowing that it’s a trap. However, using this method without supporting the toy can cause you much damage than expected. So, it’s advisable to tuck it with folded clothes on a rug or mat.

This would help to prevent the skidding of the toy. Furthermore, ensure that you, at least, keep the toy out of sight for two weeks, if it has started showing low interest. The reason is that cats can easily be upset with it if they’re lured to it continually, remember they are self-acclaimed “boss”.

4. Flexibility

This is a toy that users can opt for either pink or blue color whenever they are placing an order. Not only that, it’s highly affordable and it’s luggable also.

In fact, the manufacturer ensures that all customers are satisfied as this product is best for pets that are of medium sizes to lay upon. Couple with the fact that the ball doesn’t get off the track no matter the efforts. It’s just a toy that any buyer can trust.

5. Packages

This is a product that comes with catnip, base, ball, and corrugated cardboard. In other words, there’s high security with the purchase of this product and that’s why it has great reviews.

Buyers can also order for the scratchpad separately at an affordable price. With these packages, you now have a better chance to tame the furry your cats.

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Why Should You Use Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy?

1. Durable

This is a product that’s well constructed. The scratch pad can last you for about three months provided the cat is large size. And guess what? Once it’s out of use, you can order for a replacement. The replacement is cheap.

2. Cheap

This is a cat toy that is highly affordable. The scratchpad is disposable and it’s cheap to replace with another. It’s just a product that you can passionately gun for with just $11, I mean the full package.

3. Nice Customer Reviews

Over 7,000 customers have given their reviews and the majority of this number gave it a kudos. Many confessed that they never believed it not until they tried it themselves and it saved their homes from the vexation of their pets.


Constant removal of the ball by the pet can be daunting, right? Of course. This product won’t jeopardize your comfort but it’ll enhance your conveniences. The ball is secure in the track.

5. Lightweight

This product is luggable. In other words, you can easily lug it around from one place to another. It also has exquisite designs that won’t hurt your pet at any stance. It’s just the toy you’d love to use.

Product Benefits

  • This comes with catnip and a ball that’s weighty.
  • The cat toy is very enjoyable to use.
  • The scratchpad is awesome to behold and it is paw friendly.
  • The ball can’t get off the track.
  • The ball rolls flawlessly.
  • The toy is lightweight and cheap to purchase.
  • It can be used for a long period of time.

The Negative Things

  • It needs to be supported before it can be sturdy.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is this product made from?

Answer: It’s made in China.

  1. Can my two blind cats use it?

Answer: It’s advisable that you get one cat toy for one cat. Of course, blind cats use this also, all you have to do is place the paw on the ball in the track.

  1. Is this ball lightweight?

Answer: No, it is weighty.

  1. What should I do now, my cat seems not to have an interest in it again?

Answer: Keep it away from its sight for a short period of time.

  1. What kind of cat is this recommended for?

Answer: All breeds actually.

Final Verdict

The Bergan turbo scratcher cat toy review explicitly provided the features that contribute to the uniqueness of the toy. It mentioned breeds that it’s great for and provided the perfect way to use this cat toy.

We hereby suppose that our amiable readers have secured all the necessary information to draw the conclusion line on. However, we enjoin everyone to try this out due to the fact that it’s cheap and it’s highly recommendable. It’s just perfect for anyone to trust for purchase.

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