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My name is Tom, meow! I am a good looking boy with a grey coat. I love to play with catnip toys, mice and researching tunnels. I love cat chicken food.

Why My Cat Does Hate Me?

Cat Hate Me

The Most common question asked by most of the beginner pet owners is that of why do their cats don’t love them. There are some of the reasons behind the bad attitude of the cats that they are displaying towards…

Why Do People Like Cats?


One of the most irritating questions raised by many peoples that “why do people like cats.” Well, they thought that how they can look at hundreds or thousands of pictures of them. We all know that cats are one of…

How Fast Can a Domestic Cat Run?

How fast can Cat run?

Here we have shared a fantastic article on how fast can a domestic cat run?. I am sure you would love to read our updated guide in 2019. Well, we have got some fantastic idea regarding “how fast can a…

4 Home Remedies for Cat UTI

Home Remedies for Cat

Here we have shared four ways to get rid of UTI for cats. I am sure you would love to read our guide in 2019. So, let’s begin… Home Remedies are one of the essential components for curing of any…

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