American Shorthair

The American Shorthair Cat Breed – Detailed Information

We have been keeping different cat breeds as our pets, but some of them may be lazy or get frightened of different situations, but the cat of whom we will be discussing in this article is far different from other cats who are well known for their great jobs and hunting nature they are non-other than the popular American shorthair cat breeds.

They have a great history of being the nature of helping layout and had proved to be the best at different occasions in the history, and due to this non-frightened and bold nature they got the fame and are still remembered as a historic breed.

A Detailed Guide On American Shorthair  Cat Breed

American Shorthair

They arrived in America for the first time after the embarking of the Mayflower and from the other ships that came from England. These adorable cats got their fame due to the act of saving a lot of crops and vermin from the squirrels and rats from getting eaten. But nowadays are popular as the best choice of breed for a family pet. They love the indoors and snooze as they even smell a mouse.

History Of American Cat Breeds

The American Shorthair cat breeds were since around the 17th century and were being hired with a purpose from protecting the food materials from the rats and other vermin, and they did what they were expecting to be done. They are also known well for their helping nature, and as a pioneer and a colonizer, they also did a great job in helping the people of that time to make the land settled.

The sailor and colonizers managed to reach the New World with enough supplies of the voyage, and therefore they were very thankful for this breed because of their big hand in the achievement of them.

American Shorthair Outside

But their job wasn’t limited to this yet now when the ships reached to their final destinations, and the early pioneers and settlers got more and more islands this breed as usual was found useful and helpful in every situation.

After that, they were given the duty to protect the crops from hungry animals that were evil for these crops, and if we take a look back at 1634, they made a record and got the credit for saving the colony’s crops from the chipmunks and the squirrels.

In history, this breed was shown on the cat show for the first time in late 1895. In 1966 they were given a title of the American shorthair cats that was the time when they truly got an identity in the world just because of their brave and helping nature.

But nowadays they are fabulous for being a family kitten as they love to eat, sleep and all indoor activities but are still a big evil for the mice if found at home.

Appearance Of The American Shorthair

The American Shorthair has a buildup and strong body structure, but they are the athletic cats. Their build and strong body may be the reason behind their helping and working nature and successfully achieving their goals what they are up to.

As most of the cats, they have an elegant and graceful look. They have paw pads which enable them to walk quietly and surprise their prey.

They have got a wide and large eye structure, but the eye color may vary among different cats of the same breed it may be the blue, silver, green, brilliant gold, hazel, and odd-eyed color and most importantly their eyes have two different colors.

American shorthair pair

Now if talk about their body color and prints, so they have been found with some different color prints and coat on their body which ranges from the white, blue, black, cream, red, tabby, brown, ground color and cameo.

Many more exists which are the result of cross-breeding selective breeding.

Personality Of The American Shorthair

The American Shorthair cat breed is one of the most relaxing and calm cat breeds that love to play a little, eat and sleep for some time. They are a playing nature of breed as well, and they love to play with the family members and other cats of the house, but this act doesn’t make them needy as they are an independent nature of breeds and love to enjoy their own company and privacy as well.

They aren’t frightened of being introduced to the new people such as guests and do well with others as well because they also love to join the company of new people if are socialized in a good manner. But they aren’t always a lap cat.


However, they will enjoy lounging on the couch next to their pet parents. They are not the cuddliest type of cat breeds, but they enjoy their own company and privacy as well.

Difference b/w The Domestic Shorthair And American Shorthair Cat Breeds

If we look back at 1966, the breed was known as the domestic shorthair cat breed. This might be the way that there is still a confusion between the two names but the fact behind that is that these two are not the same breeds.

The Domestic Shorthair cat breed is the name given to the breed that has relatively shorthair and the American Shorthair cat breed are those which we are discussing in the article, and you would have got an idea of what type of breeds they are and what are popular for so you should be clear about the name.

This means that when to be considered about an American shorthair cat they should meet a standard and well-defined family history that proves him to be the American Shorthair breed.

These two seems to be look alike, but the American shorthair breeds are found to be the most sought-after and popular breed of cats.

This Breed Of Cats Found to Be the Perfect Family Pet

The American Shorthair cat breeds are found to be a very versatile and adopting type of cats they can easily adapt their self with the new people and different style of living and arrangements. They do well in both the flats, houses and the apartments that have a yard in it.


They are found to be the most active and loving nature of cats they like playing with the children and other pet cats of the house, and the other most important thing is that there is also no need to fret as they well with the house dogs too but if the dogs are cat friendly all you need is to introduce them in a good manner.

5 Facts You Need to Know About The American Cat Breed

  • These cats grow between a height of about 10 to 14 inches tall and gain weight of about 6 to 15 pounds.
  • If treated well and fed with a well-balanced balanced diet they could live longer for about longer than 15 years.
  • They descend from different domestic shorthair cats.
  • American Shorthair cat breeds are one of the most loving, laid-back and adapting nature of cats. They also enjoy their own company and are independent.
  • They could gain a lot of weight and can become obese therefore is essential to play with them regularly to maintain their health and weight.

American Shorthair Cats Are The Healthiest Cat Breeds

The American Shorthair cat breeds are found to be one of the healthiest cat breeds, but like other cats, they also may fall at some health risks. The only reason to make sure you have a healthy cat is dealing with the reputable cat breeders. They should be providing you a detailed account of the health issues in the family.

American shorthair kittens

A very common heart disease that s found in the American Shorthair cat is that of the hypertrophic cardiomyopathy disease, this has not yet been found either it is a genetic disease or causes due to some other reasons, but it is most commonly found in the shorthair cat breeds.

It targets the cat when the wall of the heart gets thicker for no apparent reason, and the heart isn’t able to pump the blood to the body.

Different Cats And Body Prints Of American Shorthair Cat Breeds

The American Shorthair cat breeds are diverse for their kind and playing nature. There are American cat breeds of different coat colors and body prints which are mentioned below.

  • The Silver Tabby:

American shorthair silver tabby

This breed is one of the most popular American shorthair cat breeds who is famous for its attractive coat print on his body. The silver tabby print is classic and stunning, with black stripes on the silver background gives a sharp and amazing look. This print of shorthair cat breed is known as the tabby print as can be found on most of the cat breeds.

  • Brown Tabby:

American shorthair brown tabby

One of the other most popular prints is that of the Brown tabby that looks quite stunning and adorable. Its white noses and chest give a contrast with the dark strips and background that the rest of the body part is having. One could not get his eye away from this amazing printed cat breed.

  • Patched Tabby:

American shorthair Patched Tabby

The patched tabby is the one who’s having the tortoiseshell or calico coat. This print is usually a mixture of the orange, brown, black and white colors. You wouldn’t be able to found a male patched tabby because he doesn’t exist.

The above mentioned American cat’s breeds are having a different coat color and body prints each having its beauty and are one of the famous cat breeds popular for their stunning and adorable looks.

Tips for the owners of American shorthair cat breeds

If you have decided to own an American shorthair cat breed and want to welcome it at your house some of the tips have been mentioned which you have to keep in mind before owning an American cat breed.

  • Don’t try to force them to be a lap cat as they are of independent natured cats.
  • Don’t let your children’s to the American cat breeds or let them play with some instructions as these cats don’t like someone pulling their tails and teasing them.
  • Feed them with a well-balanced diet.
  • Play with them regularly so they don’t get obese.
  • Socialize them well as they like to be introduced with new people.
  • These are some the points you should be keeping in mind before getting an American cat breed.


  • They are of working nature cats.
  • They don’t get shy of new people.
  • They are perfect for the family.
  • Protects your house from the mice.


  • None.

Conclusion- Wrapping It Up 

In the above article, we have mentioned the history, nature and all the necessary point that should be kept in mind before owning an American cat breed.

They are one of the most popular cat breeds you may have heard a lot of them before, but after reading this article, you would wish to have one too due to their unique and attractive looks and the bold and adapting nature they have.

Hope this article would found to be a helpful and informative one.

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